NCOHC Schweitzer Fellows Speak at AAOM Conference

2023-24 NCOHC Fellows Pinar Adimci Doganci and Disha Thakkar 

May 20, 2024.

2023-24 NCOHC Schweitzer Fellows Disha Thakkar and Pinar Adimci Doganci were the only dental students awarded the opportunity to present at the 2024 American Academy of Oral Medicine Conference April 17-20. They discussed their Schweitzer project which they led under the guidance of their academic mentor, Dr. Iquebal Hasan, UNC Oral Medicine Clinic. The Fellows helped women get diagnosed earlier by looking at the oral symptoms of autoimmune diseases like painful ulcers and chronic dry mouth so patients can begin treatment. They also trained health care providers and community health workers to increase awareness of the oral symptoms of these diseases.

Disha Thakkar and Pinar Adimci Dognaci are UNC Adams School of Dentistry students, Class of 2024.

2023-24 NCOHC Schweitzer Fellows Emma Myers, UNC School of Medicine student, and Rashmi Deshmukh, UNC School of Dentistry student, will sustain the project under the mentorship of Dr. Donna Culton, Dr. Zachary Brian, and Dr. Iquebal Hasan.