“You have to live the life you are asking others to lead, live the ideals you are hoping to see reflected in others. It’s a process that requires patience, a belief in change, and the capacity to stay true to your course even if you’re the only one following your path.”

2018-19 NC Schweitzer Fellow

About Us

Founded in 1994, the NC Albert Schweitzer Fellowship is one of thirteen currently active Schweitzer program sites across the U.S. dedicated to developing a pipeline of emerging professionals who enter the workforce with the skills and commitment necessary to address unmet health needs. NC Schweitzer Fellows are competitively chosen from graduate health professional students enrolled at major NC universities. They come from a variety of academic disciplines and, as Schweitzer Fellows, they work tirelessly to address existing health disparities throughout the state.

Our Impact

Over 500 Schweitzer Fellows have served vulnerable populations throughout NC by addressing a wide variety of health needs through sustainable projects with direct service at their core. Examples include the following initiatives created by past Fellows:

  • Self–esteem and mentoring programs for students to provide skills in goal setting and achievement
  • Code switching programs for African American students
  • Literacy projects for children and their caregivers
  • Health education programs to empower vulnerable adolescents to prevent unplanned pregnancies, HIV, and STIs
  • Hot-Spotting initiatives that assist patients with complex healthcare needs by partnering them with student teams to improve access to care
  • Health care navigation for cancer patients
  • Diabetes group medical visits, in-depth education series and insulin clinics
  • Care manager services for homeless patients
  • Music therapy projects helping older adults with memory impairment
  • In home visits with psychiatric patients to provide medical and mental health care coordination
  • Educational activities and emotional support for foster care adolescents who come from homes with substance abuse
  • Free comprehensive oral health services for adults
  • Free emergency dental clinics for homeless populations and for patients with substance abuse
  • Dental home for pregnant patients, children and teens
  • School based sealants and screening programs
  • Personalized oral health protocols for veterans in long term care and for adults with intellectual or physical disabilities
  • Free medical screenings for immigrants who need to complete the N-648 form as part of their citizenship application
  • In home visitation programs to help refugees navigate the health care system
  • Girls running project to address physical and self-esteem needs

For a complete listing of past and present Fellows’ service projects, please see Fellows and Projects. At the end of the initial Fellowship year, Fellows carry their commitment to meeting the health needs of vulnerable people as members of the national and international Schweitzer Fellows for Life alumni network, now more than 4,000 strong. The NC Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Program is funded entirely by charitable donations and grants from our generous sponsors. Your gift will help make a difference in the lives of those most in need in our communities today as well as develop the leaders in service for tomorrow.